'wee belfast' explores the streets of Northern Ireland's capital city, in a miniature way. 

Created by East Belfast photographer Claire Towe, the concept was born from wanting to capture the city's vibrancy, even though compared to some cities it's only small AKA 'wee' if you're from there.



I began this 'little' project in 2017 when I was approached by a local news outlet (Belfast Live) to host a takeover on their Instagram. But, what started out as something fun has most definitely grown into a passion.

The scenes I photograph are carefully curated to capture the essence of Belfast, more so evident by the name I give each one - a nod to Belfast localisms.  

As well as hosting street photography tours to teach others how to capture miniatures, I have just released a limited-edition print run of some of my fave 'wee belfast' scenes. 

If there's anything this project has taught me it's that you can do big things with the tiniest of props. 

For collaborations, press queries or print requests please contact Claire HERE.